Discover if your current accountant is costing you money ... a $10,000 guarantee!

“Taxes eat away at your bottom-line.
I want you to keep all the money you can, at the best value.”

Kevin O’Leary, Partner & Strategic Advisor, Tax Hive

“Taxes eat away at your bottom-line.
I want you to keep all the money you can, at the best value.”

Kevin O’Leary, Partner & Strategic Advisor, Tax Hive

My partners at Tax Hive recently shared with me some of the top tax deductions you might be missing out on ...and believe me, there’s a lot more than just the ones listed here by my managing partner from Tax Hive, Joel Jensen ...
  • Did you know you can save an additional $57,000 (or $114,000 if filing jointly) when you use this specific retirement structure that’s specifically designed to help small business owners thrive?
  • ​Did you know that you could do bookkeeping strategically, so that it finds you opportunities to save and make more money in your business? 
  • ​Did you know your current business's legal structure could be COSTING you money and not saving you money?
  • ​And much, much more!
Like a regular medical checkup, taking the opportunity to review your current tax plan is critical to your business health. But I know you don’t really have time to do that yourself, so that’s why my partners at Tax Hive have created a free, simple questionnaire that will help you diagnose your current situation and then give you a personalized blueprint to help you keep more money in your business.

They call it the “Business Optimization Blueprint”. And just to let you know how much I want you to succeed, I’ve talked my partners into guaranteeing that the blueprint plus a quick appointment will find at least $10,000 in missing or potential tax deductions for your business, or they’ll pay you $100* just for your timeConditions Apply
Again, all you have to is fill out the questionnaire, get your personalized blueprint and then spend a few minutes meeting with a member of the Tax Hive team to help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

If you’re ready now to start the blueprint, just click the button below! 

~ Kevin

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* The Tax Hive $10,000 Guarantee: We guarantee to identify at least $10,000 in potential or missing tax deductions or credits you are not current taking, or we will send you one $100 Amazon(R) eGift Card for your time. The calculation will utilize the immediately preceding year’s completed tax return(s). Conditions: You must (i) Complete a self-assessment questionnaire (over the phone or online), (ii) Complete a call with a Tax Hive Account Executive, and (iii) have annual business revenues of at least $25,000. If, after meeting the conditions above, we are unable to identify at least $10,000 in potential tax deductions or credits, we will send you one (1) eGift Card valued $100. Offer valid for U.S. Citizens only; void where prohibited by law. If you meet the conditions above and believe you qualify to receive a gift card, please send a request to Offer expires 12/31/2021.

**Survey Information: $17.4m represents the total missing or potential tax deductions calculated from results of a survey conducted by Tax Hive, LLC. Population size of survey is 164 respondents. Method and mode of data collection is online user-input questionnaire. Start and end dates of data collection are August 3, 2020 and August 9, 2020, respectively. Calculations of missing or potential tax savings is based on user inputs. As such, Tax Hive cannot warranty accuracy of data input and resulting calculation.

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